lusher william aiken house
lusher william aiken house

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This show is a predesign of what may become a published album. Each slide is a 2 page spread.
(the left side facing the right side in an open book).
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Tara and Mills held their sweet, brief wedding at Summerall Chapel and their very happy reception at the recently renovated "Landing" at Shem Creek. This was a special wedding for me to be a part of as Mills (and many of his guests and groomsmen) and I went to High School together.

I'm quite happy with our collection from this wedding. I shot about 80% of it with prim lenses, which gave many of the images a more dreamy, and, I hope, nostalgic look.

This was my first visit to The Landing, and I have to say that this venue is very spacious, lovely, and perfect for a well-attended reception.

at Summerall Chapel and the Lighthouse at Shem Creek

Tara and Mills