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Richard Bell Photography is the most recommended and recognized wedding photography studio in Charleston, SC.  Founded by Richard in the early 90’s, succeeded by his son Nathan in ’04, and joined by a team of ridiculously talented artists and staff, our studio has a nuanced artistic vision combined with the experience, maturity and reputation of a decades-old firm.  Ask any wedding vendor or venue in the Charleston area — we’re known and respected.  We serve the entire southeast, traveling to Hilton Head, Columbia, Greenville, Savannah, Atlanta, Charlotte and further — but Charleston is our home and we love it.

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Recent Charleston Wedding Photography

Featured wedding photography in Charleston, SC and across the southeast.

Our Style

Wedding photography is an art form with lots of genres. Portrait, interior, jewelry, floral, fashion, food, architecture, landscape, photojournalism, night, editorial, concert… you name it – wedding photography contains it.  Here are a few examples of our the types of work we do at a wedding:

Wedding Photography in Charleston, SC

We love cinematic photography that captures our subjects within the greater scenery. This is the kind of picture that gets us excited, and it’s what we’re most famous for.

Photojournalistic Wedding Pictures

Weddings are full of amazing moments that you don’t want to forget. We are always looking for the real moments — the non-posed expressions and interactions.

Photography of Charleston Wedding Ceremonies

We love to create beautiful compositions of important moments. That show the beauty of the time, the place & the people that will be surrounding you.

Wedding Portraits

Portraits and posed images are an important part of the day — but we make it relaxed, natural and genuine.

Photography of Details, Scenery, and the Wedding Venue

You’re going to put so much time and effort into the decor & look of your wedding. It’s your photographer’s job to do it some justice. We love still life, scenery and detail photography — especially at the stunning wedding venues that we get to shoot at all the time.

Photography of Wedding Rings

We love taking dynamic photos of important details and accouterments, like the wedding rings.

Night & Star Photography

Night time portraits are one of or favorite things to do! Most photographers do not know how to take excellent pictures unless the sun’s out. Once the sunsets, we’re just getting started.

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