Nathan Bell Wedding Photographer

Nathan Bell

I grew up in this studio. I was changing film and setting up backgrounds for my dad all through childhood, and I took over nearly 20 years ago. I’ve learned in all those years that wedding photos are worthwhile because they’re filled with the most important people in the world, on a day of dancing and hugging and eating and drinking and laughing. It’s about a couple and their people on a historic, emotional day.  And astonishingly, people seem willing to tolerate a photographer in the room. It’s an incredibly rare moment to make art that is entirely special to your family.

My incredibly kind and empathetic wife, Mell Bell and I been in this together since 2005. She’s an amazing photographer and an inspiration. Our daughters are the joy of our lives, and we love showing them our wedding photos, introducing them to family that they never got to meet. The pictures we have together surround us in our home and remind us of happy times in our lives. It’s a sweet thing to be able to be a part of the happy moments of so many other families as well.